Nuts n May or nuts
At Nuts ‘n May we grow a variety of walnuts, including the outstanding Diana and Wal-nut, developed by the farm’s founders Diana and Walter Loader. Both the Diana and Wal-nut are round golf ball sized walnuts. Diana is easily cracked with a sweeter (and darker) kernel while the Wal-nut is a sound nut with a pale kernel. These special walnuts are sold in our premium grade along with Shannon walnuts, similar in size but more oval in shape with a pale kernel.

Our walnuts are grown spray free on our farm and are hand graded to ensure they are fresh and easily cracked. Walnuts are sold in shell as either Premium or Mixed grade, supplied in a woven sack for excellent storage. Simply store the sack in a cool, shady, dry place and the nuts should keep well for up to a year. Shelled walnuts should be stored in an airtight container in the fridge or freezer.

Walnuts taste great and can easily be added to your diet. See our recipes for serving suggestions.

Walnuts’ health benefits include antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties. The recommended consumption is a handful (6 walnuts) per day.

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